To serve as the voice of Juneau Charter businesses in local, state, federal, and international issues.

Juneau Charter Boat Operators Association

 2016 Membership

Lost In Alaska Adventures        Kevin Burchfield                

Juneau Adventures                   Terry White                       

Shelter Lodge                           Jackie Yamada                 

Shelter Lodge                           Kenji Yamada                   

Shelter Lodge                           Richard Yamada               

Alaskan Coastal Cruises          Duane Cummings             

Alaskan Coastal Cruises          Nick Cummings

Reel Alaska Adventures           Scot Fiscus                        

Anchor Point Lodge                  Dean Murayama               

Rum Runner Charters               Chris Conder                    

Moore Charters, LLC                 Grant Moore                     

Auke Bay Charters                     Chris White                      

Big Jim's Charters                      Mike Bonfils                      

Big Jim's Charters                      David Rupp                       

Professionally Guided Single & Multi-Day Tours

Professional guided tours and fishing